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    Towability with a twin over the 68Stg2R?

    As stated above, with twins it is not the egt's that are the concern. I towed all day long at 650hp at 20-21k combined. I could set the cruise at 80 and go. That much horsepower builds heat even if your egt's are being kept in check. The stg2r 68 with the 483 is a super combo. Spools easily...
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    Best Billet s475?

    I agree, more info is needed. Fleece makes an excellent turbo with those specs though.
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    "Built" transfer case?

    If they ever come out with a legit "built" transfer case, I will be first in line. Until then, I guess my stock untouched one will have to do. 200k miles and hasn't missed a beat.
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    Another Aussie doing a lbz into a patrol conversion :)

    That is one nice looking ride. Well done!
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    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    On the Roll bar issue, I have heard they will be lenient, but not forgo the rules. If you have a bar and run 9.85 at 136 I don't think you will get the boot. If you run mid 9's at 140+ plus with no license, I think that will be your only run. It is all speculation though. :o
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    Garrett powermax turbos

    Are there rumors of a ball bearing vvt unit? Always thought that would be something special.....
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    R&R rods pictures

    I have had R&R in my truck since 2011. Almost 80k miles on them. I am now putting them in my lly. They will handle 1000hp all day long.
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    Edge CTS 2 Question

    First thing to do is update to make sure you have the latest software. If that is good and still no go, contact Edge.
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    LLY: Mild build question

    I personally wouldn't skip the intake. We have done extensive testing in house on our dyno and found solid gains with the S&B intake. The smallest amount of horsepower picked up was 22 on a totally stock lbz. We saw even higher numbers on the lml. With your lly, doing the mouthpiece and a...
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    Homesick snowbird gets help

    It's possible. I have always thought Velcro lined gloves might be a big hit with some of the ranchers......
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    Kryptonite ultimate front end package stage 3

    Can't go wrong with any of the kryptonite parts. I have had the full front end for 5 racing seasons and 100k miles of daily driving. Like a ROCK!
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    LBZ cp3 into lly truck

    You will be able to run higher pressure with the lbz regulator which can result in higher HP numbers due to better atomization. The pump itself should supply around 10% for volume of fuel. Should support another 50-75hp over the LLY setup.
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    LLY: s475 vs stg2r 68mm

    There is a lot more that goes into making a LBZ intercooler work on an lly. Upper and lower cross braces. new hoses, fan shroud, fan and so on. Not really worth it unless you have a donor truck.
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    Idaho Rob tunes

    Heavy tow is for loads over 8k lbs Light tow is for loads under 8k Lbs Either the 90hp daily or the 120 perf will get you your best unloaded economy. If you have more questions, please give us a call.
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    Stock Bosch LLY Injector Value

    There are places selling new balanced sets for $2400. I would start at $1600 and see what you can come up with. Most good stock sets seem to go for 1000-1200 in the garage sell area.