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2003 2500HD has 3 codes I’ll clear them they come back in a few minutes also it has a dead pedal here’s the codes (P0237 Turbo boost sensor A circuit low) (P0651 Sensor reference voltage B circuit open) (P2228 Barometric Pressure circuit low) it has been setting these codes for about a month now but it has gotten worse and worse
My name is josh I bought an 07 Chevy duramax. It is on a tune but there is no tuner and it seems the tune is too hot for the truck because sometimes it will go go limp mode or lose prime and you will have to pump it back up. I need help. First duramax for me?
Hey Tony, my name is John and I got my truck tuned from you back when you lived in New preston years ago, i was the truck you tuned the day you left for South Carolina. I'm having some trouble passing emisions and I had a few questions regarding my moonshine tune. If you could give me a call whenever you get a chance, I'd only need a few minutes of your time. My number is (860) 796-5488. Thanks
Hi I was just wondering if you are still a member on this site? If so i would like to know if i can ask you a few questions?