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I have 2004.5 Duramax crew cab 6.6L 4x4 How do I remove the two connectors going to the Ficm. I don't want to break the connectors or bend any pins. But its hard to pull out, is there A special way to remove the connectors?
It's been a while but if I'm not mistaken, at each end of the connector there is a tab that is slid out the direction of the connector. It is pulled out sideways not the direction the connector pulls out
You still on here Dustin? If so, could you PM me. I have a question about a truck I bought from Rob. Thank you!
Thanks for the add I'm not a new member just haven't been on in over a year . When I tried to sign on the site would not let me do so .Thankfully I haven't needed to work on the truck until now .So I will update my profile as soon as possible.
Can you make an Allison 5-speed into a 6-speed would switching the valve body bell housing and the tail shaft cover or adapter wondering because I have a stage 5 transmission and torque converter 5 speed and now I have a 2007.5 Duramax with a 6-speed want to put that transmission in the new truck wanted to know if I switch valve body bell housing and rear adapter if that would be a 6-speed