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  • OBD2 error code P0601 memory module issue. If i disconnect/ reconnect it cranks starts runs, never stalls or dies until you turn key off. To restart you have to repeat the process. tonight I pulled the fuses for the PCM B, CRANK, ETC/ECM, ING E and the DLR turned key to start position twice turned off waited 5 mins replaced the fuses it cranked. I did pull the starter relay and jumped 30 - 86 cranked but no start, swapped relay no crank. Batteries are good even under load. I've checked/tighten the grounds I could find cleaned battery lugs/bolts and connections still issue of no crank. I tested the 3 wire connect on the ignition/key it was fine. Oh by the way this 2005 GMC 2500HD DURAMAX 6.6L TURBO.
    thank you for your time to read this and any and all input advise will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks again and cheers
    916 417 2687 5 am - 11 pm
    I have read how some people write there tunes with less torque off idle or other areas to ease stress on the motor. Have you ever tried this?
    O ok. I put some 420s on my truck. I really like them so far. I was supposed to try them out at the track tonight but it looks like a rain out.
    Hey i was reading an old thread you started on a stock vvt turbo flange, did you ever come up with anything? I am in search for one to finish up my twin kit, if you could help me out i would appreciate it. Thanks, Nick
    I will take the ARP head studs and all included hardware if they will fit my lb7 and they are in good shape. I have a WTB head studs in the for sale section so I'm dead serious about them. I appreciate it.

    Also does the software you got on the ally locker have any adjustments for the boost controll like on mine.
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