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    Ultimate Callout Challenge watch

    Did any of the Duramax's in the competition put that crazy amount of power through an Allison?
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    Dually racing drag cars

    Anybody know who this is racing at the KC cash days?
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    That would be a got killed cam....not going to happen!
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    Sounds good. You get that sucker runnin yet? I need to get you on my Dmax kill cam. :)
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    Should be another diesel throw down this fall but I don't have dates yet. There will be a group of diesels there tomorrow
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    I will be at the track tomorrow. Bring some cash :)
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    I agree. I thought for sure he would get me on the big end. In his defense, I talked to another very knowledgeable friend who also owns a GT500 (10s in the 1/4) and he said since air temp was 100+ the car automatically pulls timing and therefore power. Makes sense, so he might be a lot faster in...
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    He knows better. He won't race from a dig.
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    LLY: Help Truck just died

    It's common for the stock fuel filter housing to leak allowing air to be introduced into the fuel system causing a loss in prime. Either rebuild housing with new seals or install a lift pump with filtration and delete stock fuel filter and housing.
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    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    Buddy from work just bought an 08 GT500. It's mostly stock with small pulley and exhaust. He knew my truck was fast so he wasn't talking trash and would not race me from a dig. So out of curiosity I agree to go from a 40 roll. I wasn't very confident in winning from a roll but I was pleasantly...
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    LMM: Built trans lmm

    Here you go
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    Braided brakelines and slotted rotors

    Mike have you tried removing the abs fuse? My last truck had a lot of trouble staging and it helped a lot. I know it sounds kind of sketchy but several guys do it including some that race a lot. Just don't panic stop lol.
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    Buy turbo/CP3 or pay off truck?

    Borrower is slave to the lender. I learned the hard way. Pay that sucker off and have he freedom to buy parts for YOUR truck and not the banks. I know the feeling of wanting to go faster but it gets really expensive really fast.
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    Duramax powered Colorado

    So it is a built trans......or did they just rebuild it with stock components? If they did, why? I was reading the comments on the vid and someone said it lost the second race because the trans slipped. I don't know if that is true but man it would have been easy to build the trans compared to...
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    Duramax powered Colorado

    Yeah just seems strange to me that they spent to much time, effort, and money and didn't do some of the most obvious mods. Regardless if that really is a low 10s GTR he is pulling on that is really impressive. Makes me want to do something similar with a built motor/trans, twin pumps, and twin...