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Jun 18, 2016
Farmington, MN
I also recommend H&H trailers. I’ve got a couple of their trailers and they are so nice. I’ve worked on a lot of trailers and H&H are some of the better built ones out there. PJ and Load Trail are junk, I’ve got friends that have them, one had both and he sold them as soon as he could.

its pretty rare to see torsion on an open trailer, but if you are never planning on taking the trailer off-road they are nice. If you will have it off-road from time-to-time stick with leaf springs, they ride just fine when you have a load on.

Oil bath are nice, but they are very expensive and you have to tow that trailer a lot to make it worthwhile. I’ve pulled one of my trailers probably 40,000 miles or more and the EZ-Lube hubs work great, especially when you use a synthetic grease.

Some aluminum trailers are junk, some aren’t. I’m not a huge Featherlite fan, but a buddy of mine has an aluminum Featherlite that I want to say is a 1989. He has it loaded all the time with staging, cement mixer, pallets of cement, tools, etc. and he pulls that thing everywhere and he doesn’t have one crack in that trailer. The wiring was trash and I had to redo it all for him, but structurally it is still tight and sound.


Apr 2, 2013
Mount Airy,NC
I have a 93 model Featherlite that I love the way it pulls, empty or loaded. You can spray a little truck wash with acid and pressure wash it and it looks almost like it did when I brought it home. The floor is pretty sensitive to denting though,(peckerhead neighbor borrowed it when it was new and dented the floor pretty bad).


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Apr 19, 2008
Mid Michigan
I now own an HP 10K 18' tilt deck trailer. Tows nice, brakes nice. Thanks for all your help.

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