1. A

    Problems after dead batteries and jump start

    I have a 2008 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab (LMM) with ~145k miles. Truck is all stock with 2 batteries and 2 alternators and I’ve had zero issues prior to this. I had a parasitic drain on the batteries that would periodically draw the batteries down, but never low enough to affect starting. The...
  2. B

    2008 lmm tuning questions

    So I sold my 06 lbz got this lmm lift pump,4” deleted exhaust, dsp5, and a v2 autocal Idaho rob all this was done when I bought it thing is no position on the dsp5 feels any different?. Gas mpg sucks only 15mpg truck has a 6” rcd lift on 35s btw any idea if the tunes even are loaded?.
  3. B

    2006 lbz extended cab

    I bought this truck thinking I could make the extended cab work with kids 🤦🏽 It’s not enough room paid 15k for it so that’s the asking price all stock older guy owned it only has a exhaust 270k miles location is Arizona open to offers or trade for a crew cab let me know
  4. S

    Lmm duramax. Egr removal, efi live, and wcfab y bridge kit

    I want to fully delete the egr on my lmm duramax. I've done research and would rather just remove it totally. What would be a good delete kit for me. Also would you guys recommend a y bridge? Also a little more knowledge on efi live would be great. The best setup? Best place to purchase it? Thanks.
  5. MasterN8er

    2009 Mystery Coolant leak

    I have a 2009 LMM with 135k on it. Its been deleted and tuned with H&S Mini maxx. Its been deleted since November of 2018. The EGR cooler is off. Ive been having issues with losing coolant since May. I've had it taken to a shop twice and they pressured it up and couldn't find a leak. I had...
  6. 07SilveradoHD

    Female Pins for Glow Plug Module LMM

    My truck has been having a no crank no start problems (previous post explains) We have tracked down the problem (hopefully) to the engine harness side of the glow plug module. It looks like a couple of the female pins are messed up and there is way to much of some kind of blue grease in the...
  7. AlRob

    LMM - Shift Inhibited

    I'm at my wick's end with this and come here hoping someone could shed some light on the situation for me. 2010 GMC Sierra 2500HD - 4x4 - 155kmiles - MiniMaxx Tuner on Street Tune Basically, a month ago my tranny slipped a couple of times between gears out of nowhere within a two day span. Was...
  8. Anthony@SunCoast

    LMM: new to the forum

    Hey guys my name is Anthony Klein and my truck is a 2008 chevy silverado 2500HD lmm Lt2 extended cab short bed 4x4. It has 135,000 miles on it and ive owned it since it was 101,000 it was previously owned by a lady in texas. since I bought it i've done just a few things that include cognito...
  9. B

    LBZ: Injector question

    I have a 2006 LBZ which started smoking under a load. pulled the injectors sent them off to dinomite desiel they bench tested them and found the ball seats to be bad. Now I have the issue of trying to find injectors for the truck with the shortage going on with parts from bosh. The dealer wants...
  10. M

    LMM having trouble tuning without making truck "cough" when EGR disabled.

    New to tuning, I have built a few tunes with limited success. Well, actually no success yet. I have been having trouble getting a tune where the truck doesn't cough under boost and basically fall on it's face. EGR is disabled, timing bumped a little and desired boost levels raised slightly...
  11. Forever

    LMM: SPI performance reroute

    I decided I'm going to go with the SPI reroute since I'm occasionally in -20 below weather and I don't want oil on my shop floor. I know Tony Burkhard makes a Kit that fit's perfectly, would it be easier to get his kit and be done with it? How well is the SPI kit designed? Will I have to tweak...
  12. othrgrl

    LMM: 2WD - 13.2 @ 104 first time at track

    We have a customer with a beautiful black '08 crew cab GMC with all the options, 22s, bed rug, hard tonneau, sub and amp, navigation, DVD, sunroof and all - sorry to go on and on but it's a drool worthy truck for looks and comforts. Anyway he had us do some work on his truck while he was...