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May 29, 2011
At Da Beach
I was taking my old C-10 for tuning at Dustin's. I don't like a lot being done with it. That Load Trail with that hydraulic dove tail works good with a long set of ramps, but that trailer is heavy. The rear air bags on my old red truck make it sit level and ride a little better.
What is Dustin doing now? I saw he shut down diesel addiction...


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Sep 3, 2009
Boise, ID, USA
Used the LB7 quadrasteer Suburban 2500 to pick up a too-cheap-to-pass-up mildly wrecked LLY.

I didn't have a clamp on the heater hose (and even got a clamp out to put on it, then forgot) and on a long climb blew the hose off, dumped all the coolant. Ended up having to drive a bit without coolant to make it safely to the next exit. It killed the water pump, but hopefully the head gaskets are OK. No hard hose, so I'll change the oil, go a couple thousand miles, then pull a sample and see what's up. :/

Eh, if I add a LB7 head gasket job to the price of the LLY, still probably a good deal. Mostly just pissed at myself because I noticed the missing clamp before it caused a problem, BOUGHT A CLAMP, then DIDN'T INSTALL IT lIke a dumbass.

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