New single CP3, Single turbo record set!

S Phinney

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Aug 15, 2008
Quncy, Fl
60%inj in an LB7 is like having close to 100% over inj in an LBZ so no I wouldn't recommend them for 800hp. Other issue you have with lb7 injectors at 100% is that they are lazy. On LB7's I like to go from 60% overs straight to 150% over because of the difference in nozzle design and how they react. If you can't afford the coin to go to 150%inj then don't go past the 85% on stock nozzles.:thumb:
I would agree that you don't need to go to 100 overs for your goal. I disagree with the 100 overs being anymore lazy than the others. 100 overs that I ran actually were the cleanest injectors that I have ever ran. That includes 30,45,50,65,100and 200 overs. All injectors are not create equal from size to size or brand to brand. Even though a set may test as good as possible doesn't mean they are actually better in the real world situation over a set that test a little more off. Lb7 Injectors are substantially bigger than the later version duramax. 60 over can do a lot for you. More than you could ever use on the street and perform excellent at the track.

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