L5P Drop In Turbos


Sep 26, 2013
This little note from the CDS guys is kindof joke, I think I would pay the HP guys to unlock the ecm instead.

In an effort to push the market toward developing CAA compliant products and tuning, CDS has implemented the following strategy:

This ECM modification service will not allow modified diagnostic segments to be flashed, which prevents all OBD readiness tests, OBD Monitoring, and Emissions Controls from being modified. Attempts to flash files with modified diagnostic segments will fail the reflash and remain in boot mode until a valid file is flashed in.
For ezlynk and efilive you need to use the CDS unlock to use them platforms. Ezlynk already proved that they can delete. I think that note is just for saving there rear ends


Jan 16, 2016
There is a guy out in Cali that has been killing it in the L5P game and has been a beta tester for a lot of the stuff. He has been testing out ezlynk lately (not released to the public yet) and he is also going to be testing that “built” 10 speed. Truck isn’t up and running yet cause I believe he said it was getting compounds. He just posted a video earlier this week I believe of 2 compound L5Ps, one was a 400 over stock and the other was a 400 over 400. He’s got a lot going on and it’s pretty impressive.


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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
i would stick with an R. again, these come on much sooner than any other generation duramax, you cant really use the 16 and olders idea of converter comparison to make the decision. what are you running now or are you still on a stock trans?

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