L5P Banks and Edge dyno comparison


Feb 1, 2018
Larsen, Wisconsin
Can't believe it took this long to dyno one of these setups,(I've stayed as far away from L5P's as I possibly could) but I did a comparison this morning to see what it did on a stock truck. Long story I had to fix the customers major screw up(He tried to install the Pulsar himself and broke the ecm connectors and covers, broke the cam pins off the Pulsar and bent pins over in the ecm) and I must say the Pulsar is impressive and the drivability with it is pretty freaking awesome. Stock untouched 17 L5P did 443hp at the tires and the banks did 502hp turned all the way up on same truck and this truck did 568hp with the Pulsar turned all the way up. Never drove them when they first came out but if I was to buy one of these trucks, I would buy this now over the Banks. It is controlled threw the steering wheel and does have safety features built into it now and it just flat out gets it for a completely stock truck with this module bolted on. After doing the relearn for the trany it will scratch the tires into 3rd gear at 53mph and it is instant power, like damn near zero lag with it. It is so smooth in its delivery of power. For an intact truck it is awesome, the instant torque is stupid to say the least and almost makes me want to waste a ton of money on one of these trucks, almost lol. And compared to some of the not intact trucks that I have driven... This was way better to drive in every aspect except for sound lol.

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This is pretty damn impressive!


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Feb 14, 2007
We've had quite a few L5P trucks come through the shop, and they're impressive with just a tune.
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Jul 13, 2016
Ogden, Utah
Just put the banks stuff on my l5p and was impressed.

Curious as to what edge did different for safety features? Similar to how Gale designed or??

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