Just saw this about Rick Fletes!


Country boy Limo.
Sep 15, 2015
We did really well at scsn Texas. Track was on kill, we went faster then ever. Was an 1/8 mile event so wasn’t able to run the quarter, but did up my pb. Also we won our class, the local hell cat gang was pissed. Guess they thought they had it in the bag.

We have more in the car but just ran out of time to continue throwing more power at it. Not sure when our next event will be that’ll have a track that good. Realistically won’t be until the fall.

We have two nhra events next month. One in Oregon in woodburn for a divisional. That’s the eighth through the 11th. And then a national event in Sonoma that’s towards the end of July I think around the 23rd.


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What date is the woodburn event?

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