Harsh downshifting


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Jun 23, 2009
TX of course
I through some in my truck today since my truck has always had some hard down shifts. Even when stock. They are where really bad when I was doing some spirit driving to the snow several weeks ago. Drove my truck today and didn't have any hard down shift. Whish I knew about this years ago.


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May 22, 2020
Well my crank broke about 150 miles after I poured it in so DON"T DO IT!🙈 Nah, best I could tell it helped mine, won't know 100% until I get the motor running again.


Apr 1, 2007
Spring Creek, NV
Does the lubegaurd stuff help the 5spd's with the G3's in the C3/C4? I have the 5-4 & 3-2 harsh no throttle downshift, seem's to be a C3 release issue the frictions are just to grabby wich is a good thing most of the time. Mine even carries on in reverse after moving the shifter to nuetral for a couple seconds when cold= grabby C3's. Just curious why I have never notice the C4's doing the same thing? I always thought it was a the release timing for the C3's and TCM tuning that's unobtainium would be the only fix? I have never felt it in a built 6sp and it's not everytime in the 5spd's kinda intermittent for all the ones I've been around and it's only been those two downshift scenarios coasting with no throttle input and worse when trans is cold.
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