Elevated Ingenuity?


Why do I keep doing this?
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Apr 19, 2008
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Business name change, Evan? Very intriguing choice. :)

What do you have cooking in that brain of yours?

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Aug 5, 2010
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Semi long Story but business has grown to where I can’t handle it and provide the customer service/New products/Personal life I want. I was going to down size because of failed attempts at finding reliable help over the years. Then the complete opposite happened...I went to see Kory in Louisiana (We’ve been friends for years well before either one of us had our own business) over the summer for a vacation and by the time I left we’d discussed teaming up with each other as each shop brought something to the table to better the other. What we have in the works will bring things to a level that for the most part I haven’t seen in this industry and for me will allow the new products I'd been working on to be finished/much faster shipping/new tuning options and a laundry list of other improvements all around. PPEI and Limitless decided on the new name and the new collaboration. We eventually will be doing everything from diesel trucks to exotic cars so the name needed to suit any and all genres.

For anyone who doesn’t have Facebook this is my most recent post about my move down south.

Giving everyone the heads up we are no longer taking shop work in Massachusetts and we will be in the final process of our move to Louisiana over the next few weeks. We will resume business March 1st under our new collaboration Elevated Ingenuity with PPEI. There has been some concern we were selling out as some companies do to make a quick profit and take the easy road as service and product quality diminishes. Limitless is not changing owners in any way shape or form. This collaboration is the complete opposite. It’s so we can grow and what we offer currently is able to improve and to reach levels of quality and a standard we never thought possible along with offering many new products. Limitless Diesel has been very successful and with teaming up with a xtremely knowledgeable company like PPEI as corny as it sounds the possibilities will be limitless. The diesel industry is lacking one big thing in many areas and that’s data provided to the customer about what they are buying and why with actual test results and data. Not just hear say or the typical “Because this is what you need we’ve done it before it works” we will be focusing on providing everything we can to the customer to insure they are purchasing what’s right for them not just a opinion. Better service,faster shipping and parts availability are coming soon.
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Dec 31, 2009
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if you need to water the horses along the trip south, stop in to Cherry Hill, NJ off Turnpike exit 4. I'll BBQ something :) Best of luck with the new venture!


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Dec 27, 2006
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Selfishly I'm sad to see you leaving the area, but I completely understand and wish you the best. Over the years I have heard NOTHING but good things about you and your work, and enjoyed talking to you the few times we were able to.

Looking forward to seeing what the new group has in store for the automotive community at large.

Good luck and safe travels.



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Nov 30, 2006
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That's awesome! They are, for sure, a motivated bunch down there and even better than that, they are doers. They make stuff happen! Congrats! And as Tom said, we wish you the absolute best in this venture! :woott:

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