Calling out Hondarider552


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Feb 7, 2012
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Yup, agreed. Had I actually had a job worth a damn, I would have never left. About time!! Havasue is still too far though. You can't just pop over and help me destroy shit lol
Havasu is a bit far... who knows, maybe now that I have experience, the black whole known as the Toyota proving grounds behind lake pleasant will actually acknowledge my existence lol. Or maybe Nissan could get their head out of their a$$ lol.
And by destroying shit, you mean pimping shit out and curb testing or messican trench testing it?!!! :driving2:

Looks like neither of you are at 10,000 now :roflmao:
You beat me to it lol.

Back to the original point, James/Brian yous goss some work ta do, chop chop boys!!! :buttkick:


don't know sh!t about IFS
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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
James, I'll get you an UBER so you don't have to ride in that junk ass dodge
Russ, i knew you were a good friend :hug: :roflmao:

I would fully have to agree... and ironically I just came across this comment on here from him :roflmao:
i guess the mild retardation came back and didnt go away.... maybe we should have an intervention with him :D

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