Another trans fluid question.


May 3, 2020
Papalote, TX
I have done some searches with no luck, I have a power train with 290K with no history (08 LMM), the engine has a 4" Jamo exhaust, Cheetah turbo, freash air and DSP-5, my "buddy" says the trans is most likely "built" as they cannot handle the 550+ HP this was most likely set up with,,,,

I am assuming they did not change the color of the full synthetic (295) fluid so I have no way to tell what fluid is in the transmission at this time, it is a nice red color just like Dex.

I was planning to just top off the trans for the fluid loss during the swap (probably also lost 2qt or more before changing the pass through connector seal) and also change the spin on filter, then after a small amount of driving to analyze the drive train go ahead and drop the pan and do a hoot method fluid change.

So the question is, if I just top it off with Dex 6 will that be a problem if it has a full synthetic fluid in it now?

Also which cooler port is the discharge top or bottom?



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Dec 15, 2010
You will be fine with dex 6

The transmission should say right next to the port, which one is which. It's cast right into the aluminum case. Top port is "from cooler", bottom is "to cooler"
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