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    Mike L has passed away.......

    RIP MIKE, you will be missed
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    What are you paying for Diesel in your area?

    $5.41/gal just off the Pa turnpike today
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    My new toy uses Spark plugs !!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s sweet , what’s the plans for it
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    Banks DataMonster or Edge CTS2

    I know there’s a ton of missing info on the lm2 platform on my wife’s Tahoe , I even called to verify before hand and they said all the info was covered , come to find out a lot of stuff changed on the computer side between the 20 lm2 truck platform and the 21 Truck suv platform. All I really...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone.
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    New Duramax Song!

    Lol Tom your the man
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    truck towing pictures...

    That’s awesome!
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    truck towing pictures...

    nice ! How’s it do at highway Speed ? Our camper has a hitch on the back but I have always been scared to throw the single axle utility trailer on the back with the sxs
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    Just saw this about Rick Fletes!

    How cool is that
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    New owner need some tips

    Did you unhook your batteries to install
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    Just a smidge more for 4’s

    That’s bad ass ! congrats
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    New owner need some tips

    Correct plug and play , I have a used one with the gauge pod as well I would sell. Call or text 937-509-1320 if interested.
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    05 LLY Sleeper Build

    damnit I had to google it lol🤦‍♂️
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    lowered truck pics

    Looks awesome joe !
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    Industrial injection