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    TheDieselDudes reputation

    I am surprised their website says all that. I thought Canada was getting as strict as us ?
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    GM Rebend Frame vs. Replace

    Many a frame rack trip have happened for me over the years hahahahahah
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    Is this Normal?

    if it is a hard enough bump and the rear tires spins just a tad more than the front since you are pulling hard, it think you are spinning so it lets off , I bet it wouldn't do it if you had traction control off ?
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    My new toy uses Spark plugs !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks gentleman - going to be my all summer driver hahahahaha, after a couple years I will prob paint it matt black and go with big white walls like this
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    My new toy uses Spark plugs !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1971 Cadi Eldorado , 500 cu in of bad gas milage hahahahahahah
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    pulled home my new toy (cadi ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1971 cadi eldorado
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    2014 Camaro SS LML Build Thread

    this is gona be sweeeeeeeeeeeet
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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

    SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

    what do you think the top speed on saltwater will be?
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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

    was waiting for the "get her on plane and pull the bilge plug from inside the bilge trick" hahahahahahahah
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    The dummy

    load test them if you can
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    How's everyone doing with this virus crap?

    I know people that have caught it and they say it is NOT fun, pretty sure they are not taking a 2-week vacation and making up a bullshit story about how they felt and still feel. So many people think it is a false BS story and it really doesn't exist, sooooooooo here we have it still spreading...
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    Fantastic Goddess Awaits

    Hey Kik! , Mike L wants pics !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fantastic Goddess Awaits

    well crap , she is too far away from me, how do i get my credit card info back ?
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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

    get better man , we need to see rooster tails from this baby for days