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    Race Truck Switch Panel Questions

    I'd put the radiator fans on their own fuse as they typically draw a lot of current. if anything else is on that circuit and has a short the larger fuse needed may not protect it. trans, fuel and oil cooler are usually small enough you can combine them if needed but if it was mine I'd still keep...
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    A lot has happened since you were gone for the last two years. we had this world wide lockdown thing to prevent socializing or something, not sure, still trying to figure out if it's over or not, Brandon became our president, we got a new site owner and updated forum software and Ken is still...
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    didn't even know you were missing in action. 😅
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    did I miss some joke?
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    Replacement Plastic Bowtie

    like 10+ years ago I had the same issue. no one had any in stock. ended up cutting one out of 4" ABS pipe
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    V2/3 or Autocal?
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    homemade air compressor

    probably 1 it's not a high volume pump for sure. it's fine for a pin nailer or other small volume work. I just needed something light and quiet
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    homemade air compressor

    fabbed me up a little air compressor from a small refrigerator compressor. small and light. but best of all, nearly completely silent. not quite done yet as I need to add an air cleaner to the inlet, a pressure relief valve and maybe paint it
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    coolant in the oil....

    balance rates cold are meaningless. always check with engine up to temp and yes, SAC injectors can be a little louder
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    coolant in the oil....

    can't really hear knocking per se. how does it sound reving it in neutral hood open?
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    Duramax HighPerformance Idler Kit is now available!!!

    yeah, I noticed it looks like it may need an inch possibly two longer belt.
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    where they using them as wheel spacers or to get some rims that didn't quite fit over the stud shoulder to fit? not quite seeing the reasoning for them
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    coolant in the oil....

    can you feel it?
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    Left turn signal/emergency flashers/cruise control

    I'm going to guess if you checked all the wiring and grounds and they look good then either the flasher relay or the junction box at the rear is your problem