Transmission service 10QT?


May 3, 2020
Papalote, TX
So I changed both filters and installed a PPE "standard capacity" pan, I made an adjustment to the cut down tube and dip stick, seems it was 1/2" too long.
Put in 9 QT of fluid, ran it a few minuets and it was at the bottom of the cold on the stick so I added another quart and that brought it up to the top of the cold on the stick, does this sound about right?
The fluid coming out was darker than I would like to see, still red, but the replacement fluid was darker than I remember ATF being.
There was VERY little almost no sludge in the pan, cleanest I ever remember seeing.


don't know sh!t about IFS
Staff member
Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
trans needs to be brought up to temp (180* or more) and you put the fluid at the bottom of the hot hash marks. best area to run the fluid level at on these transmissions

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