Trans build IMO getting hot.


Freedom Diesel
Jul 1, 2008
Chesterfield, Mass.
Another update. Truck is back in the shop after discussing everything with Jim, he is convinced that there is a restriction somewhere within the fluid flow of the transmission. When he flushed the old radiator, he had alot of debris removed as he flushed a number of time to make sure it was clean as apparently it as pretty dirty initially (see post somewhere above) hence why he suggested the radiator replacement so his thoughts are since we did get a slight drop after replacing the rad, that something may have been left in the heat exchanger that did not initially get removed during the flush but worked it's way out during operation and has caused a restriction somewhere within the fluid flow and since we are on a time crunch with my trip coming up, the best solution instead of going through each component and trying to figure out where that restriction is is to replace those components. He named them all off but there are a few I can't recall. Torque Converter, stater valve, some other valves, something in the valve body... ETC. You folks that know transmissions will know what he would be replacing. I have the utmost confidence that this will get resolved as I think he is just as frustrated with it as I am. Oh and the TC is a Suncoast. I'll update when it is all said and done. I am also having a down pipe installed while the trans is out.
Any update to what you guys found?