Smoke where I don't want it...Fried Piston? Injector?


Feb 1, 2018
Neenah, Wisconsin
Swapping the Water Pump out this morning. Tried yesterday...failed miserably on the wake of breaking a WHOLE MESS of 1/2" breaker bars and ratchets. I'm using the tool method, I'm about to put the 400lb. air impact on (hopefully don't have to pull the radiator to squeeze in there) it and see if that gets the harmonic balancer off. If it doesn't, have any of you used the "bump" method? Just frame-railing the breaker, pulling the leslie tool and giving the engine a slight bump? That scares the bejesus out of me but at $1200 from the shop, I'm willing to do just about anything to save that extra grand...especially on the precipice of injector (or more) replacement.
I usually use the bump method.

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