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Apr 23, 2020
It looks like the Flir software will upload the images to the asset as you complete your route, which saves you some time on the back end. Saves you from manually sorting through the images. From what I could tell Fluke doesn’t have that option yet but it looks like they are working on it so probably not too far off. I guess if you are tracking things in a different program it doesn’t matter much.

I haven’t seen the Flir software in question yet. We currently use a Fluke camera too. I’ve used Flir in the past. I was in the midst of putting a proposal together before Covid. I’ll do some sort of presentation once face to face meetings are a thing again and see where we go from there.


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Jul 20, 2010
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The point I'm trying to make is unless they calibrate it on each and every person, you may not get a proper reading. Old skin vs young. Fair complexion vs dark. Makeup vs no makeup. There are numerous ways to throw off the readings.

What is your cut off temp for exclusion from entering?
I tend to agree with ya that FLIR is probably not best tool to check human temps, especially when your trying to verify 1-3F difference. However when trying to quickly scan large groups of people, it should be useful at spotting the hottest temps out of a group. Basically same as scanning an electrical panel. I don't care what the overall temps are, just looking for out of the ordinary hot spots.

I played with emisity settings some over the weekend, and the snap on only gives ya like 5 options. The same 120F surface reading varies upwards of 50F depending on EM setting. So while it certainly takes a bit training to use these accurately, ya could still teach a monkey to pick the brightest color on the screen..

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