Drag n drive event


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Mar 5, 2010
Galt, Ca 95632
A new one getting ready to hit the south.

There’s going to be a drag n drive event this coming year, feb, starting in Florida. Those of you that are local and have any interest, it will never be closer to you then this.

Projected start date is feb 6th, 5 days, 4 tracks, 1 time slip needed per day, fly paper prep, record breaking tracks. Sick the magazine (Tom Bailey) is putting it on. More details should be released in the next couple weeks.

He hasn’t said what tracks yet, but he’s already reached out to them and is getting ready to release that info.

One thing he did say was that the drive days would be less then 200miles a day. To try and keep them down to a minimum and give us more time for racing and shenanigans.

Get your shit ready!! More then likely we will be there.

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