beadlock question


Jun 21, 2011
is there 2wd trucks running slicks if so are you using beadlocks, single or double looking for info. im in the market for rims for my repower that will be drag race only and wondering if anyone that hasn't ran bead locks has had issues with the rim spinning in the tire, or if I will be alright with regular rims


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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
as soon as you run low enough pressure to hook, you will be spinning on the rim. you will either have to screw the wheel to the bead with self tappers (or screws they make for it) or run beadlocks.

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Jul 26, 2015
I have 2 tire setups depending on the surface I am on. By no means a professional racer just do it for fun. Track setup is just your basic 16x10 steel wheel with a M&H 12x16 running tubes. I have found my best traction is in the 17-20 psi range (burn out shows full contact with road) and have no spinning on rim. I originally played with lower psi 12-15 range and was spinning on the rim pretty bad with poor road contact and wobbly on the top end. My "street race" setup is 17x10 us indy mag with a MT 315/50/17 ET Street R on it and run 17-18 psi in them with no spinning the rim. I cut 1.57 60 foots so its leaving pretty hard.

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