Apparel Order


Feb 1, 2018
Neenah, Wisconsin
Well I decided it was time to get some apparel made up as I've had enough interest on them. If anyone would like something please comment/message me/text etc.

All colors are available by request but I'll mainly be stocking black tee shirts (I'll keep a list if it's between orders for those wanting specific colors). For page members they will ship free and I will also be including a can koozie in ever box. Shirts came to $25 and hoodies came to $40. Sizes 2xl will carry a $2 charge, 3xl will carry a $3 charge, and all talls will carry a $2 charge (l>4xl). The images are labeled but just incase the truck is on the back, small logo on the left front chest, the list with more colors is for tees and the shorter color list is hoodies.


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