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    Charging Tilt trailer battery while driving (Parallel quick connect?)

    Hey guys, I missed these my apologies. I actually drained the battery on the trailer after 3 tilts while fastening winch etc. Crap Deka battery with 550CCA(Brand new). I replaced it with a 880CCA Diehard i had laying around but my concern yes is that running tilt/jack/lights and winch i'd like...
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    Charging Tilt trailer battery while driving (Parallel quick connect?)

    Hey Hoser. What size fuse to you recommend and where would I acquire such fuse? Here is the trailer I have btw...
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    Charging Tilt trailer battery while driving (Parallel quick connect?)

    Funny you mention that. I have an old yellow top optima I picked up at Advance about 15yrs ago when I worked there and it lasted FOREVER. I think my dad still has it around somewhere. When you get a good one its good.. I've been through two Autocrap batteries on my Trans Am since just sitting in...
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    Charging Tilt trailer battery while driving (Parallel quick connect?)

    Chevy1925 you are correct, the winch cables are directly to +/- on the battery. Cables would essentially go from quick connect at bumper to the trailer battery- battery grounded to trailer. I was thinking about a solar panel. How do you like it GMDURAMAX? Wonder what fuse would possibly...
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    Charging Tilt trailer battery while driving (Parallel quick connect?)

    Hey Fella's its been awhile since since i've lurked around here and i've done my reading but figured it doesnt hurt to confirm with some of you who may have a little more knowledge in this section that myself. I'm wanting to wire my trailers battery in so that it charges and can pull from the...
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    LMM: Custom Trans Am shaker hood!!

    I mounted aluminum stock (about 2in wide 1/8th thick- see photos on pg1) on the shaker itself then used threaded rod on each side and one on the front mounted on locations already on the engine. Passenger side i mounted it near the fuel service/test port. Driver side i cannot recall for sure but...
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    02 dmax for sale

    Thanks Trik. Hope you and the truck are doing well!
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    02 dmax for sale

    OregonDmax check your PM's- I have a friend who is very interested in the truck. Thanks!
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    2015 warranty

    My truck has 72k on it. Bone stock other than a Fass 150 Cp4 is doing fine so far. I wont be going with a CP3 though once warranty is up due to hearing about surging issues. Exergy makes a screen that i will probably use. Hoping to hear some more real world trials with it though.
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    L5P 2017-2018 gmc foglight

    curious here too. I hear the lens can melt with Hids?
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    Tribute to an old friend.

    Looks good man:thumb:
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    Water/Methanol ---Pre or Post Intercooler

    I wanted to chime in here, I built my own meth kit for much cheaper than one of those electronic nightmares. I only ran it when racing with a hobbs adj pressure switch set at desired boost to start spraying and an arming switch. I think you can find my thread on it either here or duramaxforum...
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    Weight Lifting/Body Building/Strong Man/Training thread

    Not too savy on reading the whole 129 pages lol but have any of you folks ran SARMS? Ive ran them twice now and I picked up some size and strength on the 2nd run of LGD.
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    LML 2015 20x10 -19mm and 33s. Rubbing??

    I feel like i did countless research and asking many friends with this body style truck on the subject of these wheels and tires fitting. The wheels are Hostile Havoc 20x10 with a -19mm offset. Tires are 305/55/20 Toyo R/T. I installed the 1in shock extenders and turned the stock keys on up...