325/60/20 Toyo AT3 Fit Stock LML Duramax


Aug 27, 2011
I made the title simple so people searching in the future can find the photos to get an idea what this tire and size look like on the 2015-2019 trucks.

325/60/20 Toyo AT3s on stock 20X8.5 wheels.

How I made them fit:
Turned stock keys up (been that way since day 1)
Trimmed front valance (been that way since day 1)
I drilled small holes in front and back of fender liner for black zip ties to pull them away from the tire nice and neat ( I can supply photos for anyone interested)
**The tires do rub the frame and sway bar at full lock but i try not to ever lock the wheel anyway.

Finally, I could not find anywhere a Norcal fender mod etc. that looked reasonable to me for a $40k+ truck. What I did was remove the plastic piece and hammer back the pinch weld and bottom roll of the fender and used a small screw to secure the felt liner to the body then I reinstalled the plastic trim which gained me almost 1/4 inch of room while retaining a factory appearance. Finally, I used a black screw with a piece of plastic off a socket holder to screw the top edge of the plastic trim in nice and snug to the felt liner (plastic piece behind the liner acts as a nut.

After typing all this i realize pictures will probably be a nice addition for anyone who may want to take this route. I will get more pics and post for all who are interested.


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