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    Anyone doing the 02 LB7 to LLY conversion harnesses?

    It’s possible. Very similar to the 03/04 Lly swap, in fact 100% of the modules are the same for this swap (01-04). Just needs the Lly chassis harness modified and the right Lly tune. Technically any Lly tune will work and run, but without the correct one your ac won’t function. As far as the...
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    LB7 stand alone harness questions

    Bcm is not needed at all in a standalone lb7. Disable the vats and roll Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stroker pump vs dual pumps

    I currently run the ss 14MM. And have for the last year, currently at 6k miles this year. And calculated 1300rwhp Previously ran an exergy 12mm pump for the 2 previous years (before the 14) put about 20k miles on it. Ran an exergy 10mm for 2 years, put over 30k miles on it and now it’s on a...
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    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Can more nitrous help with egt temps?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Legit. Thx for the info. I knew it was legal, I just never looked up the rules to see exactly what was all entailed there. I can see why it makes a big difference on your truck. Great job again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Wow, so badass. Happy for you and your team!!! Put it in the 6’s!! And over 188, tired of that other guy. Let’s talk about the pecker….. wtf?? How long is it, how long has it been on?? Obviously I know it’s allowed. Not saying anything bad about it. Just curious cause it really stands out...
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    02 engine to 03 truck swap oil indicator not working

    I spoke to this in your previous post about the engine not running. The 02 engine harness doesn’t support your 03 ecm or cluster. There’s a jumper harness going from the engine harness to the eop sensor and the oil level sensor, it connects to a pigtail on the driver side clamshell. The...
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    Swapped engines,won't start...

    All the lb7 engine harnesses are interchangeable. The only issue you’ll run into is the eop sensor and your cluster. There might be other issues if you mix federal engines with California engines but technically they’ll still run, just have left over plug and or a cel fir stuff that is...
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    Swapped engines,won't start...

    I read your post again, looks like you installed the engine harness, as the 02 one is different. In the process of installing the 03 harness you plugged in the cam and crank sensor, or you should have. Check those connections at the cam and crank sensor. Your issue is there. No doubt. They’re...
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    Swapped engines,won't start...

    If you kept the original ecm with the truck then the vats, anti-theft, should NOT be an issue. If, on the engine you installed, you installed the engine harness or the cam &crank sensors, you may have those transposed. The sensors OR the connectors. Those need to be correct for the engine to...
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    I was in Denial about headgaskets

    Pm sent. People frown on here if I recommend places that aren’t vendors on this site. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LB7 Short block in an LMM truck

    It’ll work. Yes you need to change the reluctor wheel. Oil pan needs to come off for this. Which means so does the flexplate. Yes use the balancer and flexplate from the lb7, your LMM stuff is wrong. Depending on the year of your lb7 will dictate which eop sensor to use. It needs to match the...
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    I was in Denial about headgaskets

    SoCal diesel does not do work like that. Here in NorCal pricing is about 5700 all in. Studs, wp, Mahle gaskets, new Bosch return lines, etc…. Also includes pressure and vacuum testing heads, cleaning and resurface. Valve job or head replacement would be extra. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Controlling boost while spooling

    Stand-alone is the only way to roll if you have any desire to race your truck. If you just want to put around town, do some occasional towing then factory van os will work. Buddy Calloway does it very well with his dmax. He knows others using it in 4wd applications. Speak to him. Then...
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    This is America, you can move to places with no salt. The country is HUGE!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk