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  • Lol but I have no idea what they are talkin about when then they explain stuff unless they use words for diesel dummies haha.
    They didnt find anything. They said they would have to take it apart to track down where its comin from. They checked to see if it was an injector but it wasnt. The dealership said that the hydrobooster and the power steering hose are both leakin so i gotta get that fixed. Im just gonna take it back to the dealership and tell them to fix the damn thing. They tried to tell me it was the belt but its deff not. They looked at me like i was stupid cuz im a girl, i wanna kick their butt lol.
    So i take my truck into the dealership to fix the tickin sound and I pick it up to find they only replaced to glow plugs and I still have the tickin. Drake and Brett are lookin at it now.
    Good thats what I'm hopin for :) I want a billet grill too haha. And gotta fix the bumper. When my dad had it he rear ended someone, you cant really tell unless you really look at it but it bugs me lol. I always take care of my vehicles, even tho I may beat on them sometimes haha.
    Nice. Lol yeah only took it once got like 8 runs in then elimination started and that little black chevy love whipped my butt. Haha.
    I see, is it still at Drakes? Yeah i know, just dont want it tooooo extremely loud cuz ill have the little one. But ill prob do somethin later on. But I wanna bring it out to the track soon, before I put a tune on it. Ive been wantin to take it to the track for years but never got the chance too. Lol were you there the night I brought my tahoe out there?!
    Yeah i did, but you can barely hear a difference. Kinda gay. Lol. Ill prob end up changin it. But I wanna fix whatever is wrong first then do stuff to it. You get your truck fixed?
    At the dealership. Remember that tickin sound i was talkin about? Well we brought it in and they said its two glow plugs and the power steering hose is leakin. Still makes no since :/ So I go to get it tomorrow. If its still makin the tickin noise, Im just gonna bring it to Drake.
    hey just wondering if that turbo works on stock injectors and cp3 ? would i need to upgrade any thing its a big single rite ? thanks
    Hey I've got cash now and will buy it for sure. Let me know if it's still for sale. Thanks.
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