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    classic body door pins and weather stripping

    Sounds like its time to buy new hinge kits from GM. Dads truck new pin kits didnt help so put new hinges and what a difference it made. Gonna do the same to mine sometime.
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    3794 turbo braking

    My 68 stage 2R from Danville barely does anything. They are designed for flow so they will not restrict like a factory one.
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    WTB: factory style bottle jack

    Looks like Mr. Sankey has you covered. If not let me know.
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    WTB: factory style bottle jack

    So your talking like the jack that the trucks come from factory with? I think we have a few of them lying around.
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    Rolled my truck.

    The 1500 cab uses smaller bolts for mounting. You will also need to drill another hole for the hydro boost to mount. Other than that they are the same. Front fenders are same as is the bed. front bumper has a taller top pad for the HD silverado. I would swap all your interior wiring.
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    Did LML def and complete EGR delete new radiator and Intercooler and still overheating

    Also be prepared to swap your Mishimoto radiator out in about a year or less. Anyone looking to put a Mishimoto radiator in needs to search the forums. They are junk. But anyway hope you have your issues resolved for now.
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    You will have a little lag. Not terrible but enough that you will need to learn how to drive the truck.
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    It’ll get close but your tranny will complain.
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    Absolutely you can. If your like me you do one thing at a time. Like was said above a built trans would be best or do some trans mods at the least.
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    Looks like an HSP knockoff. If @Yngdmax92 has used them already go for it.
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    Billet wheel options for Garrett GT4094VA stage 2 turbo

    Go with a Limitless 1078 converter. You wont get rid of all the lag because that is the nature of the larger turbo. I have one and it took me a bit to get used to how to drive it. Larger injectors will help also by giving more energy but i think a proper converter and getting the tune updated...
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    New 2022 3500HD High Idle Switch Option

    You should be able to activate or turn on the elevated idle that automatically kicks in when truck is under certain cold temps. The high idle would be an option normally used for like a PTO option or the like and would need to be programmed I believe.
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    New or Re-Build Steering Box

    Yes you can tighten it up some. That PSC box is expensive i know but so far i have been very happy with it. I really think with the proper research you could figure out which gearbox they use to make that box. I’m not convinced they are custom making it but maybe they are.
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    New or Re-Build Steering Box

    Ive got a PSC pump and really like it. I would recommend to anyone. I put their XD steering box in also and wont go back to regular OEM again. PSC has awesome products.