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  • Mike, I've met Jerod a couple times, and talked at length on the phone with him.

    I like him. So it pains me to take action.
    I called Rick Lance about Jerod and his cell phone is also a disconnect. I think something bad has happened to his wife who was waiting for a hart donor. Maybe we should not pre judge just yet. I think you did the right thing putting his status on hold, but hold off on anything else. You and I might be in prison facing what he is confronted with. I don't pray much at all, but I will for his wife and his family.
    That's OK Tom, hopefully someday they will realize that I'm the enemy to Diesel websites that is claimed. The only reason this board became public is because I was banned from TDP, and refused to stop helping folk.
    Hey Pat. Saw the email from you concerning the Bonnevile record video and my later thread about it. Wasnt trying to get you in a pinch...was just trying to get a silly old rule changed to help everyone. Sorry for the drama.
    Yes, the Wicked Diesel pump is what we are going to be running for now. Until something more potent comes out.

    If you can't run dual fuelers, or you want more than 800rwhp with dual fuelers, you need it.
    i was told that you had tried out the wicked diesel cp3. if this is correct i was wondering what you thought of it and if it is worth the money. Thanks
    New to this forum, trying to get dialed in. Haveing a hard time getting my time slip posted. Says image to big. Anything I can do?
    Hey there a "Library" section on this site for tunes for Efilive? Just seems that there are alot of people HERE with more knowledge of tuning.
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