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  • Hi Rob;
    I heard a lot of really good things about you last weekend at the Oregon coal rollers dyno day.
    Vince from Alligator Performance suggested that I contact you for some help in setting up my 08 LMM Chev. I am removing the DPF to start and would like to know where to get a program for EFI live to accomodate this.
    I would appreciate any directions you have to offer.
    Thanks in advance ;
    Lin Hill
    Dynamic Diesel
    I have just installed a trango jr. kit on my 2006 lbz. I have drove it over 100 miles and it still is not shifting right. Hard shift from 3rd to 4th also at times 1st to 2nd. Also the down shifts are hard at time. I had the taps reset and put into fast learn yesterday and it has helped. I drove it today for about 80 miles and it still shifts hard at 3 to 4 and 1 to2 also down shifts at times. Have you heard of this problem? How long does it take for the tranny to relearn? Do you think that i installed the trango wrong? I took my time and thought i did it correctly. any help would be apprecitated.
    your hard to get a hold of lately, i was wondering on that switch if it matters that both wires are grey, i went ahead and hooked it up any way, figured the signal wire would be a different it ok to hook it up before i load the tune....i havent even started it yet....assumed you would email me that tuning here soon....thanks Rob....
    Hey Rob, I highly recommended you to a member I was chatting with and he will be calling you about efilive if he has not already. I offered to let him take my truck for a spin and am hooking up with him next weekend. Eric
    hey Rob,sorry to bother you. but i was wondering if my times sound right for your lbz race tune.?
    i have alto power pack clutches, precision t.c.,airdog 150,intake,shim kit, cognito braces and sleeves, efi from you. 13.36@100mph 1/4 mile,1.84 60', i would just love to squeeze some high 12s out. my truck is ccsb @ factory weight. thanks for any help!
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