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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

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    FS: L5P Parts - WCFAB - Derringer - Stock Parts

    S&B Intake sold Can't update the first post I have some L5P parts up for sale : Brand new WCFAB 3.5" Downpipe, from turbo exit to exhaust - $350 shipped Used parts have just under 6,000 miles on them Used Banks Derringer for use with idash '17-'19 comes with Banks gauge pod for windshield...
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    Fass not pumping.

    Did you bench test the pump or in the truck? All the pump passages clear? Return line still have the check ball and spring?
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    2019 D-Max Loud Ticking

    Why'd they take they valve cover off to do injectors?
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    FS: L5P Parts - WCFAB - Derringer - Stock Parts

    Intake horn sold Prices Drop
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    Lb7 high idle.

    AFAIK LB7s have to see 12v at the ecm pin C1-71 for it to work.
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    Lb7 high idle.

    I used a pre pinned wire from BT Diesel when I did mine. Looks like it's no longer offered. If you can crimp the pin to the wire I would do that otherwise I'd go with Merchant's kit.
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    Switch on the fly L5P tuning

    Would you say it would be worth it to switch to ezlynk? I plan on switching tuners this spring anyways.
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    Switch on the fly L5P tuning

    Is this with HP Tuners?
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    Oil filters

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    What's your favorite mod?

    LB7 - lift pump L5P - S472/built trans
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    What did you do to your home/shop today?

    Straight pipe Prius time lol Do they jack the car up to get them or can they reach them on the ground? Seems like there's easier cars to steal cats off of
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    2020 l5p duramax knock at idle cold, worse hot

    I had to hold my phone speaker to my ear but you can hear the thumps that the clatter drowns out.
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    Hazing LB7 - Couple of Injector Questions

    I did all 8 on my dad's '03 at ~140k and then one went with a second one questionable both on the passenger side bank ~20k later. So I change that whole bank and it's been fine since. Even with having a FASS 95 on before changing the injectors with a CAT UHE Filter in the stock location running...
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    New L5P

    Back to thinking an injector issue. Kind of hard to hear but between 1500-2000rpm when starting to load the engine it starts knocking. Source: