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    LB7 no start

    Does it continue to crank or does it crank for a bit then stop cranking?
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    Fuel rail lines bursting

    I’m going to have to say by the little that can be seen in the first photo that it looks to be a cheap knock off. Fleece offers a nice set especially for the money. i can’t say that I’ve ever seen a factory line ever fail by just bursting. I highly doubt you’ll find anything else that is/could...
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    Fuel rail lines bursting

    So let me get this right, your high pressure lines are cheap ones from Amazon?
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    2020 Denali with derringer threw fuel pressure code and limp

    Filters are cheap, injectors aren’t. I change them every other oil change. It definitely would be a great, cheap easy place to start.
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    Garrett Turbo uppipe bolts

    Absolute easiest way is through the passenger fender well, removing the tire makes it a little nicer for room but don’t have to. LONG 1/2 ratchet as it provides more leverage to break bolts loose than a breaker bar and some muscle.
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    Lb7 deck surface

    That’s normal.
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    Stainless diesel s485

    Source: It’ll do that 1,200hp goal with ease!
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    Duramax in a Ford...

    Just some updated pictures of it now. Still Duramax. 3.0 smoothbore.
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    What’s in your tool box?

    Generally my iPhone in the center counsel does the trick. I’m not working that hard on the side of the road or if I need to I’m calling someone anyway to pick me/bring me tools and parts if absolutely have to. But I prefer a trailer or tow lol However, I have a freaking ton of fire...
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    Recommendations for injector install in SoCal?

    I’ve heard good things about 805 also, I don’t know about the time thing.. might be best to let them know you need it in a timely fashion. I’ve had a few customers use them and have talked to them on the phone. That’s about all I know though.
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    Front axle limited slip

    Call Mark at Greensburg machine in PA. He’s got a setup that will work!
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    Tuning an LBZ/ZF6

    Nothing major you need to worry about. Tune it like a normal truck.
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    Going compounds on lml few questions

    That Mark guy tends to know some stuff 😃. As far as the window blocks and things go, the amount of tq made down low with compounds is where that is found. As far as pistons... well those just seem to break when and if they feel like it. I think you will like the 1.15 housing, but getting the...
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    What's your favorite mod?

    Removing the 7.3 from my Pulling truck and installing the lly... probably my favorite mod so far. 🤣