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    2016 LML direct impact on wheel and axle (damage?)

    Pics of either truck or none of this happened
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    Classic Prices-WTH???

    Just bought a 2022 sierra with the L8T and this thread is not what I wanted to hear lol. OP I hope you like road trips- I've bought 3 trucks since the 4th of July and the closest one was 600 miles away in Pennsylvania. The others were 1300 miles 1 way from Texas and 1600 miles round trip to...
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    2012 GMC 2500HD 6.0l battery drain

    Check the blower motor resistor, had that happen in a 2004 tahoe. Took 2 years and 3 resistors to fix it.
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    Anyone swapped in GM stock replacement fuel lines?

    I used the Fineline kit from rock auto and it fit alot better than the dorman. Seem to remember 2 of the hoses being a little long but it all worked.
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    LB7 to LBZ (Wiring)

    If you would even bother to read the whole thread, you would see the answer(with picture).
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    2009 GMC 3500 Blower motor not turning on

    Try a new resistor, no parts store junk this time.
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    Van thermostat housing

    The van hose wont fit the lbz, you need Gates #23141 and trim a little off each end. The angle of the radiator inlet is different between 01-05/06+
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    2008 Yukon 2500 Wet Floor

    Its probably clogged with leaves and dirt under the windshield cowl, filling up with water, and draining through the blower motor area.
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    Duramax swapped Trailblazer might say why?...I say why not.

    He hasn't logged in since he gave the last update, doubt we'll hear from him again.
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    ACDelco filters TP3018

    AC Delco professional line was the cheapest line of products they make, designed to compete with cheap parts store brand names. And now it looks like they've changed the packaging lines to confuse us even more. OE Gold which was formerly professional line Silver...
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    truck towing pictures...

    And just for fun, 1 of the old man's truck with the mini X ~27,000lbs
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    truck towing pictures...

    Ol Hoe had to pick up the slack in the meantime. Excavated ~quarter million pounds+ of clay for a retaining wall project. Used it to move 8 tons at a time from one side of the property to the other. 4wd Low 1st gear the whole time. Also Hauled 36 tons of concrete to the dump with it grossing...
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    truck towing pictures...

    Finally workin the 03 lbz after 4 long years
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    1/8 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Well every time slip should still be saved in the members' garage and those that aren't members had their slips posted in the thread.. So somebody with enough time and ambition could go back and pick out the 1/8 mile times.
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    Correct way to do a Compression Test?

    Adapter for 06+...