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Originally Posted by 1FastBrick View Post
Another Option could be the electrical part of the Ignition Starter Switch. I did one recently and their cheap and easy to do.

Vehicle would be dead. Left owner stranded in parking lot a few times. also stated it died at in intersection but restarted. Had it towed home 2 times. Always worked for me and could never get it to duplicate issue. After replacing the electrical part of the switch, The issue has not returned. I expected to find badly burnt or damaged contacts in side and that was not the case. At least it was fairly inexpensive part.
Would that such cause loss of electrical power to everything? INCLUDING dome lights and locks? WEIRD thing is it will reset after a min or two. NEVER dies while it's running .
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Originally Posted by motobean95 View Post
Would the mega fuse reset itself after a min or two?
Im thinking of a loose or bad connection. Or perhaps a cracked fuse element that may make contact when cold but opens up when warm or something like that.

You need to measure voltage of the various lines and fuses when you have the problem so as to narrow down the location. Keep a meter or light probe ready in the truck so you can do instant checks. Follow the power to the fuse box from the batteries and see if any loose power
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