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Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
id like to see the Diamond forged pistons in a DD engine. they have a steel ring land in them.

Forged will be noisy till warm up though as their piston to wall clearance has to be pretty large to accommodate for growth.
IIRC my CP-Carrillo forged pistons only called for ~0.008 PTW and are not noisy when cold.
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Pistons: 16:1 cast Fingers oval bowls $2,160

Rods: SoCal budget rods $1,700

Cam: SoCal 3388af (no valve reliefs necessary, saves on cost) $1,100

Crank: LB7 crank

Heads: SoCal stage 1 $2,200 (includes valve springs)

Gaskets: Mahle upper and lower engine gasket sets $375

Other: SoCal billet main caps $800
ARP main studs $235
PPE oil pan $280
ARP 2000 head studs $593
Thermal top coating on pistons $400
Weight match pistons $60
New LML oil cooler $377
New plastic impeller water pump $300
SoCal rocker shaft studs $109
SoCal push rods $323
SoCal billet flexplate $690
SoCal damper $457
Melling oil pump $192
ARP flex plate bolts $74
New thermostats $72
2 sets thrust washers for SoCal main caps $58
Key oil pump
Balance rotating assembly $300

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