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Default Twin kits parts and other stuff...make offers...

Various GM Duramax performance parts make offer on parts that interest you....

Stock LLY turbo. Spun just fine when I took it out. Has 155k on it. Black powder coated housing. Id open it up and check it out and make sure ring moves freely been sitting for a bit. Make me an offer

472 turbo with billet wheel. Black powder coated housing. T6 base. Spindle loose with some play. Probably needs a rebuild. Has about 30k on it.

AFE cold side (Driver side) 3 boost tube. Has boots too and bottom and I have some extra clamps that will work with it if needed. $230 new online $145 obo

AFE LLY turbo mouth piece with billet caps for resonator and EGR. $300 MP $25 caps online $175 both obo

MBRP 3 turbo down pipe. Support bracket cracked and was repaired with added support. $150 online new $85 obo

Merchant Auto coolant tanks (2) for use with twin turbo kits. Ready to use with low coolant sensors installed. $300 new each $175 obo

Custom twin turbo kit set up. Set up for stock sized Garret VVT turbo in stock valley location with T6 base atmospheric turbo set up over front passenger tire . 5 Intake with MAF sensor plate. All boots and clamps. Turbo support bracket with built-in oil drain. Custom made heavy duty should bolt up to first or second generation blocks, LB7 and LLY for sure and I think LBZ but beyond that I cant be absolute. Because it bolts over motor mount with longer bolts theoretically should work up to recent blocks. Dont quote me on that tho.... haha. Turbo drain and feed lines. Hot and cold pipes between turbos with boots and clamps. 5 down pipe from atmospheric turbo to stock exhaust location.
Added note: although you could use the AFE pipe Im selling here and pipe through the factory EGR system if your gonna do this you realistically should just delete the EGR so if you do that it needs a cold charge air pipe (drivers side) and a Y bridge. RPI, Profab, SDP all make sets for around $650 powder coated with needed boots. Then with a T6 based turbo (s400 series size) and your stock turbo youd have a full compound set up. Itd cost about 250-350 to clean up and powder coat the parts I have here. So if you think in those terms if I sold what I have here for a few hundred bucks youd be (not including turbos of course) be running a fully new powder coated compound set for just over a thousand bucks. Considering the exact configuration from the above mentioned companies is going for $2950 plus shipping online not a bad deal. Its also not very hard to install. I have a list of instructions and some links to some more visual instructions too.... make me an offer. Best offer takes it

6 Custom professionally fabricated exhaust stack guard. If you run a single stack thru the bed this could be for you. Never installed or used. Set up for a 4 pipe thru bed then transitioning to 6 stack. Mounts to bed and supports 4 pipe then allows for clamping 4 pipe to stack then clamps 6 pipe as well. Has removable full aluminum surround that keeps anything from sitting next to hot exhaust pipe. Made a couple and never installed one. Raw aluminum needs to be cleaned oxidized a bit. $make me an offer

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