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I can get you some pics Ben. Let me know what you need and I'll get them.
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Originally Posted by duratothemax View Post
does it not? Im confused???
I mean if it's pushed in to keep the light off then it should keep it off when you turn the knob for the interior/cargo light so just the cargo light comes on. Then push the button so the inside light can come on. I hate the new ford type setup where both come on. Your solution would work but it should have been as I described from the factory. Or like it used to be pre 07 that worked fine.
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A fellow DF member is in the process of installing the first one right now...Ill let him post up in here how it works!

Once I get the installation instruction manual typed up, Ill make an announcement and add them to my website/online store.

This will be very easy to install, even if electrical/wiring isnt your strong point. There are only 4 wires to hook up, and all of the wires on the cargo light module are color-coded to the factory GM wires to make it super easy. The only tools required are a set of pliers to crimp the wire-taps, and maybe a small flathead screwdriver to remove the headlight switch.

Installation shouldnt take longer than 15-20 minutes.


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Hi, I know its been four years and i'm digging up an old thread but did this product ever make it to the shelf?

thanks either way
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I suggest you check on Bens website or call him. Heís not on here much that Iíve seen.

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Yeah I'll give him a call because I was digging around on his site this weekend and didn't find it. Thanks.
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