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Default Best Duramax Tuning Central Texas

I am recent owner to a deleted and tuned lml duramax with 37k miles. Since I have no idea what tune is on the truck I'm looking to retune. I live near Austin Texas and curious if there are any good tuning near me. If not I dont mind buying elsewhere if they are the best. Truck is a Daily Driver and will tow light (boat and Atvs)


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Search around the site alittle but Ridgerunner, starlite, UDT, Danville seem like the go to
09 lmm ccsb ltz, moonshine, mpi s480 over 68mm vgt, sdp y bridge, BigDipper trans, 60 overs, 10mm pump, ppe up pipes and manifold, banks intercooler & exhaust, airdog165, isspro guages, traction bars, the list goes on...Big thanks to BigDipper!
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Blake with Unleashed Tuning would be my first choice.
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Originally Posted by Ne-max View Post
Blake with Unleashed Performance would be my first choice.
Yep I agree with this..
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Wagler street intake
Calvert Racing bars
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Full Kryptonite Front end
PPE manifolds up pipes
Special Thanks to:Scott@SDP
Tuned by:Blake@UDT
Best time to date: 11.96 @ 112.50mph
Best 60ft: 1.66
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Aaron at all in trucks in Seminole
2007 lmm: kryptonite front end, full billet trans by Sdp, SoCal engine ovals and Carrillos, 12mm exergy stroker, 100 over exergy injectors, sdp billet 68mm over billet 480, awesome tuning from Aaron at All in trucks.
Best 1/4 to date: 11.06 at 127 in the chase for 10ís.
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I found a local guy who does the CTT tuning, any thoughts

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You need to understand, we wont recommend someone to do a delete tune for you. One of our vendors lost his business over something like that.

That said, you could call the people who've been mentioned and ask them what they recommend. These are all reputable, dependable vendors. They may tell you they dont do deletes.

As for the local guy, ask him if he'd let you talk to some of his customers who have similar trucks and tuning wants to yours. Get their reviews and go from there.
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Sorry thought I was in the tuning section,

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Word is that ole rancher at unleashed Is pretty good with a laptop
2011 ccsb
Big single, fuel, supporting mods, rancher tuned
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Originally Posted by g2outfitter View Post
Sorry thought I was in the tuning section,

Smart edit
Originally Posted by JoshH View Post
Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

02 LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, L5P 2500HD CC/LB dmax/alli "The Limo"

BIG THANKS TO: Mike L, Steve, Trent, Guy, Dan, Ruben, Josh H, Scott, Brian and everyone else who has put a hand in to help me.

best time to date: 12.39

motor died/bent rods = 3/11/11
back from the dead 7:04pm 4/9/2012

Limo is back in the garage, now driving a built chevy tracker
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Check with JoshH. He owns Top Notch Garage in Van, TX and is a moderator here.

2019 2500HD Z71 Custom Sport Edition L5P

(SOLD)2006 White Silverado LBZ, CC/SB 4x4
EFILive by JoshH, MBRP, S&B, Transgo Jr., AirDog 150, ProFab EGR Delete & Downpipe, Limitless Diesel trans kit w/ 1077 converter
2018 3500HD SRW CCLB 4x4
6.0L gasser (company truck)
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get with Blake @ Unleashed Duramax Tuning!

He's not texas, but close enough

2002 GMC 2500
6900lbs w/ driver
Full exterior/interior with cage

1462 hp/ 2266 tq. @ UCC19

-7.1L SoCal stroker motor
-Big Garrett Compounds ( 80/106 )
-S&S Fueled
-Tuned by Blake @ UDT
-NoZone comp trans

Special thanks to Drew and Dylan @ Orr's Diesel for making this truck rip
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Lee Allgood is in Hewitt and would be who I would recommend
07.5 ccsb lmm
Built engine, 100's,72stg2r,485 dual pumps
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