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Default NEED HELP 03 lb7 with EGR????

Have any of you seen this? Its a 03 lb7 IHI turbo with a EGR system!! Is there a special tune that needs to be loaded into it to make it run better? Could GM have loaded a regular lb7 tune into it and thats why its not running worth a shit?
Since he picked it up from the dealer after they worked on it the truck has like 150hp. The truck ran fine before it went to the shop. Now it has no power.
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The turbo housings are different but the computer still has to pyshical (sp?) control over the turbo like it does on the LLY , LBZ, and LMM. Are you seeing low boost numbers and and laggy response? If so check the wastegate linkage. It might be stuck and holding the wastegate open making the truck a pig.
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