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Default LML CP4 Problems

I did some searching and found some information on this but did not find a thread dedicated to this subject. I have heard claims of failed CP4s wreaking havoc on the entire fuel system. Basically I am wondering the following:

-How exaggerated are these claims? does anyone have any firsthand experience with this happening or know of anyone who has experienced this issue.
-What causes this issue. I have heard that the current ultra low sulfur diesel has a lubricity which is lower than what is recommended by Bosch to run through their CP4 pump, is this true?
-What can be done to rectify this problem? (Lift pump, aux. filter, additive etc.)

Since I'm in the market for an LML I'm just starting to do some research on these trucks, this is the only thing I saw which really stood out at me.
Sold: 2007 LBZ 4x4 CCSB EFI Live, Kennedy Twin Lift Pumps, PPE Stage V Trans, 4" MBRP, Stock Engine, Twin turbos S475/stock, 40%nozzles.
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