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Originally Posted by Racerrich08 View Post
Comes back and stock tiers

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Hmm. I don't understand how these codes could be set and not produce an ABS light in the cluster.

Your best bet at this point is to get someone with a GM Tech 2 scanner that can read the individual left/right front wheel sensors and verify they are operational. GM dealer can do it as well. Alternately, you could just try replacing both front wheel sensors, but check the ABS module ground as I mentioned above, that's a $0 cost thing to try first.

If the truck has been flashed with a tune, that's another source of potential problems if the incorrect calibration was used. Flash it back to the stock tune, clear the codes and see what happens.
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Bad wheel bearings can cause funky things with these trucks abs system. On my old lbz, if you turned too hard and hit a bump just right, the abs light would come on and brakes would act funky. Wheel bearings had no play, but developed an ever so slight squeal after a while. Replaced the bearing and no more funky abs.

You need to have it checked with a tech 2 as already mentioned. Any kind of abs code will disable cruise. Who knows, maybe the light is burned out seeing as how many miles the truck has.
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Rich, where you at in MI? Not uncommon to have ABS codes in Michigan with all the corrosion. If the hubs are still good, the problem could also be in the wire/sensor itself. Take the sensor out of the hub and clean it's mounting pad. I also had to replace one ABS harness on mine when it went bad.
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Brand new hubs on both sides and reads correctly on my scanner

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Did you read this thread, maybe it will help.?.
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