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Originally Posted by kidturbo View Post
And I fixed one of his in FL last year. lol

Actually his work isn't to bad. Was just some LBZ to LMM pin differences. Same type setup I've done for a couple boats in the past. Where you use the oem engine harness and bale connectors, and just modify the chassis harness and fuse block.

I on the other hand thought it be cleaner to only used the engine connector leads and ditched the bale connectors. Well jury still out on that one..

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~650 for standalone setup reasonable to you? It's 1/3 the cost I paid back in 2012 and I had issues with him(not Ken)
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650s probably pretty reasonable. Ken's harness didn't use relays, only fuses to a,master power lug. With that setup you need to use a pretty high amperage rated ignition switch. Only possible issue I saw with it.

The bussman relay blocks I use are about $100 alone. But I like having relays and separate fuses on everything. Then ya can use a 15amp switch like ones pictured above.

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Originally Posted by 2004LB7 View Post
You thinking of something like this:
That looks way nicer
Kriesel's Diesel Suburban
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