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Default 2008 LMM Problems

Hello to all Duramaxes

Bought a 2008 Express van ambulance about 20 months ago and had no idea what was under the hood, however rather happy about what was over our heads - namely ample room (high top).
Truck ran fine for about 10 months, then smoked like a steam engine. Put a bet on the
egr cooler and - this being a van - bypassed it and put a plate on. Worked, oomph! Replacing the cooler on a van is 2 days torture, a plate takes 20 min to put on..

Van ran fine for quite a while until it started producing emission related codes every now and then and went into limp. However we could "persuade' it every single time, by playing the DPF related sensors against each other: loosening the front temperature sensor and pulling it out, twitching one pressure tube and s.o. Truck kept going normal.
Even seemed to go in regen mode, at least trying to while idling and maybe did a number of regen cycles while driving (how could you tell ?).

However 2 weeks ago it threw the P1448 code (regen frequency) and there does not seem to be any remedy to help it out of limp mode, other than delete. This after over 10K mile (10 000) with a blocked egr cooler you see...
No idea why it suddenly decided to start counting regen cycles.

As I know at least what is under the hood by now and a little bit of what goes on in its head (ecm), I suppose just major 'cycle-therapy' in the form of a dpf delete the only option.

However there is no 'group therapy' (canned tune) available, this being a van, (tranny, different injector flow rates a.s.o) and we do not really need to go that fast, when rolling over the flee market to our sales stand.. So just stock tune with the dpf settings turned right (p2501 and p2502 not reported, no MIL and regen minimum temperature to max, if that's correct..?).

So when starting out and trying to get a tech with a evi llahscan or even buy one from the dealers listed on the efilive website map for our progressive state (yes, that very one non '49 states' state, where not even ebay will ship to) you experience the following :
You show up with your van which looks like Moby Dick amongst a bunch of rimmed, lifted, chrome sparkling truck sharks and already get some looks.. After reporting your problem to the service manager they outright deny knowing anything about or having anything to do with emission tuning. When you try and explain a little more, they will let you know, that 'with an altered egr I can not even put the van on our service list' and any further attempts to try and communicate your innocence makes them react like they wanna call an exorcist for yourself and the van..
We are a Max too..!!

So here is the very question:
Anybody out there familiar with the V2 willing to pull the stock tune off the van, change
some parameter, delete some DTCs and reflash it?
We would buy the vin license of course, a nice amount of Bavarian beer, and reimburse any other expenses more than properly..
I could also imagine renting a device for a couple hours for a fee and with a cash pawn of the full purchase price..
Willing to travel about 50 miles around the very State Capitol, where they recently widened the smog exemptions (Section 8 (B) and (C), if anybody still reads this long thread at all...:


Thereafter I will go by that dpf with an air chisel..

Any and all help very much appreciated, THX
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Moved to the Van section.

Put up a "Want to Buy" thread in the Garage Sale section for the V2. Someone probably has one they'll sell.
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Tuning? I thought uncle sam said we couldn't do that anymore?

That's why all our trucks have been put back to stock. No modifications here, nothing to see here.

Thank you.
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I have a used v2 I'll sell for cheap. Updated and ready to go. 1 liscense on it.
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THX to TheBac for moving and the advice..

THX to Ne-max for the offer, will wait a little for a possible offer a little closer to the area and then send you a PM

THX to 036.6turbo for the info. I understand

Sorry about the wrong wording, just talking about monitoring the system, therapy..
maybe do a couple enforced regens on this low sitting hose packed ambulance van
(electro shock), constantly cooling all the rubber grommets and what not, with that Bavarian beer.. just sayin'...
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