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Default Toolbox recommendations

Alright guys so I'm going to purchase a toolbox. I've looked at matco and snap on the most. The classic 78 and 4s series mainly. A double bay box with a work top. What is everyone using and why? I wanna make sure I go the right route and I'm happy with it. I'll be using the box pretty much every day as I am starting to turn wrenches more for our family business. Just curious what all you guys prefer! Thanks.
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I have a Snapon toolbox. If I were to buy another tool box I would buy one of the big ones from Harbor freight. They didn't have big ones when I bought my snapon box
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I've got the smaller one from hf and thonim not a mechanic by trade I do a lot of work with this box and the quality is impressive for the price. The big ones are extremely nice.
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I bought used boxes... No way was I paying what they wanted for a new one. I just traded up until I ended up with my current box a triple bank Snap On. I see them forsale on Craigslist all the time for pennies compared to what they are new... Or pick up a trade in box like I did.
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I'd look for a used name brand box as well. Harbor freight ones aren't bad either i've known a few people with them in service trucks that lasted a long time. My Mac box got thrashed in my service truck I wish I had a cheaper one at the time but it still works..
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I also bought used. I have a strap-on classic 78. No way would I have paid full price for it.

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I bought my snap-on brand new, but I got it right out of school for 1/2 of retail. Only way I would've got one.

Couple guys at work have the HF boxes, the wheels are chit and the drawers suck IMO. For decent quality and price, look at Proto. About $2700 for a 54" box last I checked.
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I went from two craftsman used boxes, to a used 30" snap on, to a new snap on 54"x30" deep. I need a larger box but I'm out of room in the garage so cabinets, tool cart and work benches will do for now.
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Check ebay/ craigslist for decent deals on snap-ons. I went with the husky linked below. Just a weekend tinker'

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I've looked at a few off brand boxes such as harbor freight and tractor supply sells some tactix boxes. There are some decent deals on Craigslist for used snap on and matco boxes which I wouldn't really mind paying for. Basically in the long run I figured I'd be happy to get a quality box.
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If you plan on keeping it.

Buy a decent one and you'll be happy
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I've been eyeballin' the big husky ones they sell at that big orange home improvement store. They seem pretty nice for the price.
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I have a husky in my shop used it every day for 7 years well it's falling apart , bottom drawer broke first or second year , all The drawers are flimsy, payed 700 back them prefer my sturdy snapon roll + lock

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