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    Lb7 limits

    This was on a stock bottom end?
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    Stolen duramax found

    This has happened to another member on here as well, maybe he will post something but who knows. Hopefully everything works out well for you
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    coolant in the oil....

    I know this was posted while back, but your truck sounds bloody smooth in this video.
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    Moving to Phoenix, AZ

    Queen creek is a great area to be in. How do you like it so far?
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    4" deaver leafs with 2" drop shackles

    OK thanks guys, and would that setup be level with the front of my truck when I loosen the torsion key bolts all the way? My truck currently has a 6" rcx lift and seems to be 5" blocks with an add a leaf as well.
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    4" deaver leafs with 2" drop shackles

    Would this work? Can it be done? Idk why it wouldn't be possible, but I figured I might as well check.
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    Bullydog uninstall

    Hello everyone, it's been a while. But I have a 2004 lb7 that has a tripple dog gt tuner, and I am trying to completely remove/uninstall it from the vehicle. Do I need to remove any fuses prior to doing so? Thanks in advance
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    Cajuns 04' LLY

    Nice truck! Make sure that there is an lbz or aftermarket turbo mouthpiece installed to free up restricted airflow.
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    Lost the motor?

    That Hicksville place seems promising
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    2007 "Build" of Regrets.

    I like that last photo
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    Lost the motor?

    Doesnt this seem like a shot crankshaft? Or am I mistaken?
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    My Country Boy Limo. 06 LBZ

    When I first heard about this, I thought your truck was stolen from your house. Thank goodness it wasn't, but now SDP is a target for future truck robberies by that gang of thugs. Considering the condition of the trans and engine, I'm sure whoever stole it was impressed by the power of that lbz!
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    "OFFICIAL" What did you do to your D-Max today?

    Well, after 7 months of not having a duramax due to an unfortunate collision.. I have another once again! I just couldn't pass up this 07.
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    "OFFICIAL" What did you do to your D-Max today?

    On 9/7/19 I was driving north on the interstate when I noticed quite suddenly around a bend on the road, a car with its headlights on facing me (oncoming traffic). I got quite nervous as one can expect and noticed that the car was stopped and part way on the carpool lane on which I was driving...
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    Chevy1925 (James) Truck/motor build

    Your putting everything back together James? Sorry for my confusion.