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    Need help with diagnosing an ABS issue

    Let's see, ABS hooked up, brakes stick. Disengage ABS, brakes work normally. Conclusion??
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    MAF sensor and mating connector part numbers

    This connector has multiple uses. If you Google the part number and then start looking at the various applications that come up, you will get the idea.
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    Need help with diagnosing an ABS issue

    There have been some recent posts on another forum by several people who seem to have similar problems to yours that just stepping on the brakes "very hard" while stopped solves the problem. Very hard to some is like slicing almost melted butter to others, but I don't think it would damage...
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    Module confusion and issues on my 2008 LMM

    I think that the pin C feeds something for export vehicles (not yours), but also notice that it feeds Onstar. Follow pin C up and to the right.
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    Module confusion and issues on my 2008 LMM

    Great buy and likely at a price lower than any visit to the dealer for a diagnosis. And when looking at the waveform you can tell whether your LAN is working or not. Even where these situations are intermittent, it still tells you the story and gets you to the problem module quicker than any...
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    Piston rings not seating

    These are the specs for piston rings for my LMM as published in ALLDATADIY.COM Piston Ring End Gap-First Compression Ring - Service Limit 1.37 mm (0.0539 in) Piston Ring End Gap-First Compression Ring - Production Value 0.3-0.45 mm (0.0118-0.0177 in) Piston Ring End...
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    Engine maintenance

    Complete change of your brake fluid and power steering fluid. Diff fluid, trans fluid, coolant changeout.
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    Trailer Brakes Too Weak

    Places that sell trailers, like general utility trailers, have a variety of trailer electric brake magnets. See if they have magnets with more stopping power than your existing units but that will fit and function without any modification. Very easy replacement and great results. James is...
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    Allison line pressure

    Call an expert, Inglewood Transmission, (714) 870-7300
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    need a new x107 connector

    this one?
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    Engine Sounds

    Banks new engine project; Source:
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    Module confusion and issues on my 2008 LMM

    Pretty good video. He keeps it simple and doesn't get into the more complex stuff . I had not previously seen the multi-connector he used to plug into the comb connection, which makes diagnosis much simpler. Our lmm's have 2 communication systems, a low speed, and a high speed. The low speed is...
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    Oil pressure drops to 0 and triggers alarm in 05 2500 Duramax

    One thing is for sure if the oil pressure was actually at 0, no oil pressure, your engine would be knocking within a few seconds
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    Module confusion and issues on my 2008 LMM

    I thought I posted this previously - link to complete electrical manual for our trucks. Lots of good info in addition to the actual wiring diagrams...
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    Module confusion and issues on my 2008 LMM

    Dean The ABS fault (if ABS light is on in the dash display) is most likely the cause of these 2 messages. Both systems need to know information from the ABS in order to operate correctly. If ABS problem goes away, very likely both of these messages go away without any other intervention. VCIM...