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06 Sierra
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06 GMC Sierra RCSB Full built motor, carillos, Arias W/total seal rings, 9100 AF, SCal Titanium retainers,SCalsprings,ported heads, SCal pushrods, 625 head studs, O-ringed block, keyed oil pump ,Billet Aluminum Lifters, Harland Sharp Aluminum roller rockers, studded rocker shafts, studded & girdled mains, socal balancer, socal flywheel, PPE Dual Fuelers with twin Fleece 10 mm CP3s , FASS Titanium 260 , 3" bridge, , TRIPLES , coilovers at 4 corners, 36" ladder bars, BD cooler, Exergy LBZ 250s ,FF Dynamics fans, PPE mans & ups , MA mounts & TC Brace ,NOS, Full Billet Trans, Georend J , 3.42 Gears, BT lockup box. 16 x 12s & 16 x 10 Real Wheels with M & H 12/16s and 13/16s. TUNED by MARK@DANVILLE. Engine by Jason Walker San Marcus Tx. Best 60'---1.42 .Best 1/[email protected] . Best 1/4 prior to 6.19 is [email protected]


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