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    Oh Joy 05 LLY Transmission Problems from Park to 4th lock.

    The problem is you threw every code in the book.Every gear is slipping, you have speed sensor codes, you have tie up codes ( 2 gears at once.) You have valve body codes. Start with a know good TCM and see what codes come back. Then move on to the valve body.
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    Oh Joy 05 LLY Transmission Problems from Park to 4th lock.

    You need a good trans shop. Where you located?
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    Issues with project restart

    My God, look who just showed up. Check front ballancer.
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    coolant in the oil....

    Bad boy. LOL
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    Quiet today

    Who is miss spell?
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    coolant in the oil....

    You have more patience than I do.
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    Quiet today

    Me too.
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    Occasional Converter Slip

    At your mileage you have more problems than converter. If you're only doing a converter, put a LML converter. Eventualy, if not already, you need a trans rebuild. Call Evan at Inglewood and see your options. 714 870 7300
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    cranking with the key on

    I had a similar problem with my '04 LB7. I was trying to find a problem and switched an ECM that I found. As soon as I turned the key on it started cranking. I tried it again and it started normaly but the dash did funny things. I shut it off and tried again and it started cranking with the ign...
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    5 speed to 6 speed conversion.

    If someone could program the LML TCM shift strategy into the early units; then you would have something special. Don't think it can be done.
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    5 speed to 6 speed conversion.

    You sound like you work there. I tested the prototypes of that conversion and helped straighten out some flaws in it. It's still not impressive and will never hold any power. The trans starts dropping out of 6th gear under aggressive throttle and using T/H to cancell 6th gear has its own...
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    GM set to buy back some trucks.....

    James has had some problems. I wonder if his truck fits into this?
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    Po717 on new transmission

    Put a scanner on it and see what the turbine speed sensor is doing.
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    2021 Silverado 3.0 review thread.

    Ford's coyote for '21 and later uses a wet belt on the oil pump now.